About Japan Private Railway Association

Greetings from our Chairman

Japan Private Railway Association is dedicated to supporting the lifestyles and industries of communities around the country. Striving to contribute to lifestyle enrichment and socioeconomic development, we work to provide transport services that are always safe, secure, and pleasant.

Embracing the motto of safety first, not only do we pour the utmost effort into ensuring safe daily operations and the safety of our passengers, but also each of our member companies unites as one towards safety and security initiatives, including measures related to earthquake and other large-scale disasters and risk management. The Association also works towards these initiatives with a sense of urgency and speed.

To promote the convenient and pleasant use of railway services by our passengers, we work continuously to improve transfer convenience, reduce travel times, ease crowding, and create passenger-friendly station and train environments. In terms of both infrastructure and systems, we work with urban development and other partners to improve our user environment.

To ensure our ability to respond not only to the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games but also the strong inbound demand of recent years, we are advancing efforts related to foreign language displays and communications infrastructure. Furthermore, we are planning and developing products to meet diverse needs, expanding the use of information provision that utilizes ICT, increasing barrier-free access, and in other ways developing a welcoming environment that will ensure foreign visitors will be able to use our services in a safe and comfortable manner, and that visitors will experience first-hand the wonder of Japanese railway services.

We also are progressing with the use of energy-conserving trains. We will proactively promote our stance as providers of public transportation that is friendly to both people and the environment, and we will aggressively promote the use of our services.

As Japan faces rapidly advancing population decline and population aging, as well as growing energy restrictions, railway operators are expected to face incredibly severe operating environments. To address this, Japanese private railway operators must look to the future, accurately assess our environment and appropriate countermeasures, and work to provide better services and better railway management.

Rural railways continue to face severe conditions due to an ongoing lull in transport demand. Railways are an invaluable part of regional public infrastructure and also serve a vital role as a tourism resource. The Association will further strengthen partnerships with the government and communities along railway lines to receive the support of relevant parties while working to provide as much support as possible.

We will proactively address various problems in order to meet the expectations passengers and communities have of private railways. We ask for your continued understanding and support.

May 26, 2017
Toshimitsu Yamaki
Chairman, Japan Private Railway Association